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10/22/2014 Temperature sensor for wearables

Murata has announced an accurate temperature sensor mounted on a flexy cable; for phones, tablets, and wearables. “With a flexible printed circuit thickness of approximately 100m, they can be easy routed inside complex designs and tight spaces,” said Murata. Called FTNT55XH103FA1A050, it is rated for use from -40 to +125C, with +/-0.4C accuracy at 25C...

steve bush

10/22/2014 European companies can fast track into China

The Made in Europe (MIE) Exhibition and Trading Center in Zhengzhou, China today. The plan is to give European companies greater access to China, the world?s largest manufacturing market. Traditionally, European companies face a number of barriers when attempting to expand trade within China. These include logistical challenges, due to China?s huge size and travel...

richard wilson

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