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8/28/2014 Intel shrinks 3G modem for wearables

Intel has introduced a 3G mobile modem for connecting sensors in wearable electronics devices. The multi-chip module measures around 10 x 30mm. Designated the XMM 6255, the modem incorporates Intel’s SMARTI UE2p dual band 3G/2G transceiver. This 65nm chip integrates a 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) radio frequency transceiver, power amplifiers and power management allowing direct connection to the device battery. Intel also...

richard wilson

8/28/2014 Freescale goes mobile with wireless charging

Freescale Semiconductor is going big on wireless charging with a number of programmable wireless charging ICs and reference designs. The company said it expects to see a growing number of wireless charging system deployments in offices, hotels, airports and other public spaces. Freescale hopes the programmable chips will offer design flexibility which will see wireless charging proliferating into new...

richard wilson

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