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12/17/2014 Murata launches DC-DC converters

Murata has announced a series of single output digitally controlled 500 and 600 Watt DC-DC converters. Incorporating a 32-bit ARM7 Processor, the 600W DRQ-12/50-L48 & 500W DRQ-12/42-D48 models are the second product families to include a PMBusTM compatible digital interface. The DRQ family is packaged in the industry standard quarter-brick format incorporating the Advanced Bus...

david manners

12/17/2014 UK designed nano drone to fly in CES

UK-based Torquing Group has launched its nano drone for aerial photography and HD video capture. The hand-sized ZANO uses a Wi-Fi module supplied by Lantronix to provide wireless interfaces with to both iOS and Android devices, for comms and control the drone. “The growth of personal drones is flying high with consumers as more and...

richard wilson

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