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9/04/2015 Quad-core 64bit MIPS processors execute ARM and x86 instructions

China-based Loongson has announced two 64-bit quad core processors based around a MIPS-derived architecture and including binary translation to run x86 and ARM code. The nine stage pipelined architecture is called GS464E, and the 4-way superscalar processors are Loongson-3A2000 and 3B2000 – and include in-order execution units, two floating-point units, a memory management unit, and crossbar...

steve bush

9/04/2015 Symtavision identifies ECU development timing issues

Symtavision says it has identified key timing use cases for a systematic, timing-enriched automotive engine control unit (ECU) development process, which will save both development time and unit cost as well as increasing the realisation probability and maturity level of ECU development projects. Systematic ECU development starts with specifying the function architecture and defining the...

david manners

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