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9/19/2014 Accelleran, Cavium team for urban small-cells

Accelleran, the Belgian 4G small cell specialist, and Cavium have created a platform for urban small-cells. Called the M101, it is a small form-factor TD-LTE eNodeB design, providing 1W RF power per antenna port and supporting one or two sectors. It will use Cavium’s OCTEON Fusion baseband processor. The M101 is intended for deployment in...

david manners

9/19/2014 SEMI b-to-b at 1.04

The SEMI book-to-bill was 1:04 in August, down from the 1.07 of July, the 1.10 of June and the 1.06 of March, but up from the 1.0 of May and the 1.03 of April. ?The SEMI Book-to-Bill ratio has been at or above parity for 11 consecutive months, and both current month bookings and billings...

david manners

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