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7/23/2014 Raspberry Pi runs Intel digital signage spec
Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor is attracting as much interest at the low cost embedded computing board’s ARM-based CPU. Both CPU and graphics processor are Broadcom chips. US-based start-up Jetpac runs image recognition software on the Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor (GPU). According to Pete Warden, chief technology officer at Jetpac, Raspberry Pi can be used for image recognition...
7/23/2014 ARM?s v8 gets 50 licences and is going for 100
v8, ARM?s 64-bit processor architecture, is being widely adopted. Seven licences were signed in Q2, making 50 in all. ?50 v8 licences signed ? 100 to go,? says ARM evp Pete Hutton. v8 seems set to deliver royalties quite quickly. Three chip-makers have announced 64-bit chips to go into the server and networking markets. One...
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