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3/30/2015 Fastest 8051 yet

The most efficient 8051 microcontroller core ever, is the claim of Polish intellectual property firm Digital Core Designs (DCD). Called DQ8051, the quad pipeline core benchmarks at 0.27292 DMips/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) “29.01 times speed-up over the original 80C51 chip operating at the same frequency,” said the firm. “But the speed is not all. Dynamic power...

steve bush

3/30/2015 Linux in hi-rel is growing, says McPherson

Xilinx has joined the Linux Foundation, the industry organisation supporting growth of Linux and collaborative development. The FPGA firm’s interest indicates how Linux is expanding its footprint beyond consumer and computing markets and in high reliability industrial, automotive and aerospace systems. The theme of this year’s Embedded Linux Conference, which is sponsored by The Linux Foundation,...

Richard Wilson

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