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4/29/2016 Operation Crush at Samsung

After Micron bought Elpida it was expected that the memory industry would consolidate around four players Samsung, Micron, Toshiba/SanDisk and Hynix. But, according to Bernstein analyst Mark Newman, Samsung’s strategy is to expand its shares of the DRAM and NAND markets from its current 40% to 50% each. This will hit competitors Hynix and Micron ...

Operation Crush at Samsung

4/29/2016 Crowd funding changing the game for chip firms

Another semiconductor company is using crowd-funding to find the investment needed to bring a product to production and into the commercial market. Lime Microsystems has started a crowd-funding campaign to bring their LimeSDR software defined radio platform into full-scale production. The company is hoping to raise $500,000 to fund the final stages of development and ...

Crowd funding changing the game for chip firms

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