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10/30/2014 MathWorks says model-based design is good for ARM Cortex-A

MathWorks says that code generated from MATLAB and Simulink can now be optimised for running on ARM Cortex-A processors. Simulink also offers built-in target support for ARM-based hardware devices including BeagleBone Black, Xilinx Zynq, STMicroelectronics Discovery Board, and Freescale Freedom Board. The MathWorks  Embedded Coder tool generates optimised code will allow designers to apply model-based design...

richard wilson

10/30/2014 Smart meter hacking risk

Auditing firm KPMG warned of smart meter security risks at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum. Its cyber security specialist Alejandro Rivas-Vásquez was discussing UK’s smart meter implementation programme in the light of flaws found during the equivalent Spanish programme. ?Spanish researchers recently found fundamental security flaws in the design of smart metering devices...

steve bush

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