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5/22/2015 Rohm buys Renesas fab for IGBTs and MEMS

Rohm is spending Y450m buying Renesas’ 8inch Shiga fab. After completing the deal, planned for February next year, which involves leasing the land and buildings, the line will mainly make IGBTs, mosfets and piezoelectric MEMS on a 0.15?m process, and will be Rohm’s main site for power and MEMS.  “Rohm regards power and sensor devices as one...

steve bush

5/22/2015 Robot arm controlled by quadriplegic?s intentions

Californian researchers have linked a robot arm to the brain of a quadriplegic man, giving him smooth control over the arm. The electrodes are not in the motor cortex or attached to muscle nerves, but are in a part of the brain associated with planning muscle activity: the posterior parietal cortex, or PPC. “When you...

steve bush

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