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5/27/2016 UK universities replace magnetics lab with bench-top test

Super-fast laser sensing has allowed UK researchers to study semiconductors without a magnetics lab. The work will feed into University of Cambridge research on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs (high electron mobility transistors). 30T magnetic coil at the heart of the system, developed by Professor Hiroyuki Nojiri at Tohoku University (see below) The test in question is cyclotron ...

UK universities replace magnetics lab with bench-top test

5/27/2016 Surface absorbs 98% of photons

Australian researchers have increased photon absorption in a semiconductor to almost 99%, according to the University of Sydney. The absorber is a sub-wavelength thin-film semiconductor, and no complex nano-structures, meta-materials, exotic materials or difficult-to-create metal-non-metal combinations have been used. When light falls on a thin film etched with narrow grooves, light is directed sideways and ...

Surface absorbs 98% of photons

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