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8/04/2015 Toshiba sampling 256Gbit V-NAND next month.

Toshiba is to start sampling a 256GBit, 48-layer, triple-level cell V-NAND memory next month. BiCS FLASH, as Toshiba calls it, is based on a 48-layer stacking process that surpasses the capacity of mainstream two dimensional NAND flash memory, while enhancing write/erase reliability endurance and boosting write speeds. The 256Gb device is suitable for consumer SSDs,...

david manners

8/03/2015 PMBus digital power chip drives 30A for sub-micron processors

Texas Instruments has introduced its first PMBus synchronous DC/DC buck converters with 20A and 30A current ratings. The TPS544B25/C25 converters are designed for accurate voltage rail setting in designs with sub-micron processors. The converters have a 0.5% reference-voltage accuracy and full differential remote-voltage sensing. Also frequency synchronisation to an external clock eliminates beat noise and...

Richard Wilson

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