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10/27/2016 Qualcomm buys NXP

Qualcomm is to buy NXP for $38 billion in cash valuing NXP shares at $110 each ? 34% above their value before news came out that the deal was underway. Qualcomm will pay for the acquisition using cash and new debt. The combined company is expected to have sales of $30 billion a year. The ...

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10/27/2016 Microchip targets IoT designs with Sigfox chip

Microchip says it is now selling an RF transceiver supporting the Sigfox wide area wireless protocol being used for IoT networks. This is the FCC-certified ATA8520E transceiver with an integrated AVR micro controller. A FCC-certified development board is also available. Microchip is offering a Sigfox-certified ATA8520-EK as a standalone kit, or it can be bought as a kit ...

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