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11/27/2015 IoT Design focus: Rohde & Schwarz?s Reiner Stuhlfauth

IoT Design focus: Rohde & Schwarz’s Reiner Stuhlfauth

In the next of our series focusing on speakers at the IoT Design Conference, taking place on Thursday 3 December at the Brewery Conference Suite near the Barbican in London, we focus on a communication technologies specialist from Rohde & Schwarz. The aim of the one-day IoT Design Conference is to present real-world information about ...

Alun Williams

11/26/2015 E2v super ADC is ?free of non-harmonic spurs?

E2v super ADC is “free of non-harmonic spurs”

UK-based specialist chip firm e2v says it has produced its most powerful ever ADC. It is a 12-bit resolution analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) which has a sampling rate of 5.4Gsample/s, an instantaneous bandwidth in excess of 3GHz and latency as low as 26 clock cycles with a noise of -150dBm/Hz. According to the supplier, it will ...

Richard Wilson

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