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7/30/2014 Applied Micro ships 64-bit ARM server ICs
Applied Micro Circuits is shipping its 64-bit  server ICs for microservers. “We are very pleased to report that we have shipped initial production X-Gene units,” said Applied Micro CEO Paramedh Gopi. “Purchase orders continue to grow and backlog is building. The creation of the ARM 64-bit based server category is under way.” Q2 saw Applied...
7/29/2014 Chip offers accurate Doherty balance on-the-fly
To take the pain out of Doherty amplifier balancing, Peregrine Semiconductor is planning to introduce a single-chip dual-channel amplitude and phase adjuster. Doherty amplifiers have two RF amplifiers in parallel (see diagram), one Class-AB for low-level signals and one Class-C for peaks. They save power over single amplifiers that can handle high peak-to-average signals, like...
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